Family Law

We understand that break-ups of families and relationships are a stressful times and we are here to provide solutions that our clients need and help our clients choose the best options for them whether it is litigation, mediation or collaborative family law. We offer a reduced rate of $100.00 plus taxes for new client consultations regarding family matters.

All of our lawyers practice family law and advise on the issues that arise as a result of the breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship including separation, divorce, custody, guardianship, access, visitation, contact, parenting, child support, spousal support (alimony), allocation of debts and liabilities, and division of assets.

Our lawyers also prepare agreements regarding separation, custody, access, guardianship, parenting and maintenance including agreements respecting extraordinary expenses, travel agreements, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation and marriage. We also assist in determining amounts of child support payable pursuant to statutory child support guidelines and in calculating spousal support payments pursuant to the spousal support advisory guidelines.

We are available to provide a second opinion if you are uncertain about the strategy proposed by your lawyer. Please contact us to book an appointment.