S. Declan Midwood

Work History and Education

Declan works extensively in the areas of Criminal Defence, Aboriginal Law, Administrative Law and Family Law with B. Rory B. Morahan of Morahan and Company Law Offices.

On criminal matters, Declan serves the entirety of Vancouver Island (from Victoria to Port Hardy) as well as Powell River. Depending on the client and the case, Declan may take on files anywhere in British Columbia.

Declan obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 2017.

Declan obtained his Bachelor of Kinesiology (B.Kin.), Class I Standing, degree from the School of Kinesiology, Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia with a Minor of Science in Psychology in 2014.

Criminal Defence


Every criminal charge, no matter how minor, is a serious matter and you deserve serious defence.

Declan is passionate about defending those charged with, or under investigation for, offences and fighting to ensure that their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are protected and upheld.

Declan will professionally defend you and advance “every defence that the law of the land permits, to the end that no person will be convicted except by due process of law”.1


Declan takes on files where the accused has been charged, or may be charged, with a wide range of criminal offences ranging from simple possession of drugs to assault.

Declan has a particular interest in defending those:

  • charged with or are under investigation for offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act;
  • whose rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms rights may have been violated (i.e. lawfulness of the arrest; warrants issued; search and seizure of evidence; voluntariness of statements/confessions; access to counsel; right to silence);
  • who self-identify as Aboriginal (meaning if you think of yourself as Aboriginal); and or
  • whose mental health may have been in issue at the relevant time.

Declan has a client-centred approach to criminal defense and is available to speak and meet with clients outside of regular business hours (including weekends, evenings and holidays) and at police cells and remand centres on short notice.

Declan has courtroom experience in criminal matters at both the Supreme Court and Provincial Court levels in BC.

As of October 2018, Declan will be accepting Legal Aid files through British Columbia’s Legal Services Society.

Please see "Specific Charge Experience" below for further information on the charges Declan has experience with.

    Instructions to Prospective Clients

Please use the contact form on our contact us page or call Stevenson Doell Law Corporation at 250-388-7881.

Alternatively, you can contact please contact B. Rory B. Morahan of Morahan & Company Law Offices.

  • Morahan & Company Law Offices
  • 1141 Fort Street
  • Victoria, BC, V8V 3K9
  • Tel: 250-385-2244
  • Fax: 250-385-8748
  • Email: assistant@morahanlaw.com

1 - Excerpt from rule 2.1-3(f) the Law Society of British Columbia’s Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia.

Important Notice

In the event that you are detained, arrested, searched, investigated and or asked to speak with or consent to do anything by the police or other law enforcement agency:
1. REFUSE (other than to identify yourself); and
2. INSIST that you be allowed to first speak with a criminal defence lawyer.

Declan has experience and training in all aspects of criminal defence from the initial interview with a client to negotiating with Crown Counsel to appealing sentences handed down by the Court.

Declan has worked on a wide range of files ranging from relatively minor offences to the most serious offences proceeding by way of direct indictment under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code.

Specific Charge Experience

  • The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
    • Simple Possession
    • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking
    • Importing
  • Criminal Code
    • Manslaughter
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Assault with a Weapon
    • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
    • Attempting to Choke to Overcome Resistance
    • Administering Drug to Commit Indictable Offence
    • Unlawful Confinement
    • Uttering Threats
    • Pointing a Firearm
    • Possessing Weapon for Dangerous Purpose
    • Sexual Offences:
      • Sexual Assault
      • Aggravated Sexual Assault
    • Sexual Offences Involving Children
    • Child Pornography (making, distribution, possession and accessing of)
    • Indecent Exposure
      • Making, distribution, possession and accessing of
    • Indecent Exposure
  • Customs Act
    • Keeping, Acquiring, Disposing of Goods Illegally Imported
    • False Statements/Evasion of Duties
  • Canada Shipping Act
    • Contravention of Act and regulations

Other Information

Declan is Métis and a citizen of the Métis Nation British Columbia as well as a member of the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria.

Declan was born in Victoria, BC and has recently returned having lived in: Monterey, California; Vancouver, BC: Edmonton, AB; Ottawa, ON; and The Netherlands.

Declan is a modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiast and enjoys general fitness training and golfing.

Please also visit Declan's personal website at www.midwood.legal and Declan's Linked-In profile at www.linkedin.com/in/midwoodlegal.